is a NewFolk project born from the match between young songwriter Marlon Bergamini (’97) and music producer Larsen Premoli in 2017’s spring.
The band is formed in May 2017 with the guitarist Emanuele Nanti (’97), the drummer Jody Brioschi (’98) and the bassist Andrea Dominoni (’92).

The band starts an arrangement and pre-production work at RecLab Studios in Milan (Italy) during the whole summer. The typical american folk-blues sound, with strong acoustic guitars and the deep frontman’s voice are the groundwork of each song, is revisited with a new key that goes from southern rock to vintage blues, with some Brit-pop-rock stains, using vintage instruments and four vocals arrangements.

MARLON starts touring the North-Italy and Centre-Italy playing into some of the most popular Italian clubs in the late 2017.
During this performances, the meeting with Giulia Osservati, Electric Ballroom’s front-girl take the band to collaborate with her for a The White Buffalo’s cover song “I Got You” that is released on 21st of December (winter solstice) for the opening of their YouTube Channel.

MARLON begins 2018 with an innovative and personal publishing project: The Postcard Songs.
Every single song is released and sold with a postcard containing lyrics and chords and a QR CODE used for downloading the song in the most used audio formats (also high-definition and quality). Using a Pre-Order solution, the band, releases a twelve Postcard Songs Pack. The songs are going to be available during the whole 2018; the Postcard Songs Pack owners can listen to the songs 48 hours before the official stores’ and streaming channels’ releases.

MARLON’s first single “Help Me” is released on 18th of January, followed by “I’m Still Breathing” published on 14th of February with an official video directed by Steve Saints.

During the late February, the band signs a sync-management contract with BMG Rights Management and on March a new single “Keeping Up” is released. BODE Music Gear, D’addario local distributor, signs MARLON with ad endorsement deal for D’addario, Evans, Pro-Mark, Planet Waves and Ortega Guitars brands: to celebrate these deal MARLON perform an acoustic version of “Keeping Up” at BODE’s warehouse, a live video published on YouTube.
During April, the band releases the song “Liar“, followed by a live performance recorded at RecLab Studios.
On the month of May, MARLON celebrate their first anniversary, and release the song “Endless Suffering“.
The whole month sees the band engaged in several live appearances, like the inauguration of the “Milan Food Week“, organized by the city of Milan.
June is full of “ open air “ concerts for MARLON, and at the end of the month, their sixth single “Pray For Me” is published, followed by a videoclip-movie directed by Livio Di Miceli.