‘Musings from the Rearview’ is the box that contains all the postacards of our journey, it’s a desk where you place all the objetcs collected during the travel, where you stop in front of it to admire them, and to remember. Our first album is now available for pre-order on ITunes 

Produced and managed by Larsen Premoli RecLab Studios – BMG Italy
with Martino Pellegrini (strings), Stefano Iascone (brass) and Larsen Premoli (keys) – artwork photos by Stefano Contilli Photographer

‘Musings From the Rearview’ is also available in a limited edition called “POSTCARDS BOX“. It contains CD Audio, printed postcards with artworks lyrics and chords for each song,  a coupon to download a digital version in four formats, and stickers! The ‘Postacards Box’ edition is available only preordering the ticket of the unique show 2018 – 30th November in Milan.  More info