We’re so proud to announce the release of our first Videoclip.
“I’m Still breathing” is now online on YouTube!
Produced by Larsen Premoli and Directed by Steve Saints.
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Produced by Larsen Premoli (RecLab Studios)
Directed by Steve Saints
ISRC: IT42Q1800001

– M A R L O N –
Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Marlon D. Bergamini
Bass Guitar: Andrea Dominoni
Guitars: Emanuele Nanti
Drums and Percussions: Jody Brioschi

Extra Musicians:
Piano: Larsen Premoli
Violin, Viola, Cello: Martino Pellegrini
Flichorn: Stefano “Iasco” Iascone

Actress: Viviana Galloni
Backstage Shooting: Stefano Contilli